Healthy ingredients make for healthy meals! Simple enough—but how do you know what’s ‘healthy?’ Does ‘gluten-free’ mean healthy? What about ‘low-fat,’ or ‘sugar-free?’ Just about EVERY item in the grocery store today tries to convince us that it’s the healthiest choice.

And then there are the millions of nutritionists, doctors, and bloggers online, telling us something different every day! Yesterday coconut oil was deadly, today it’s healthy. Today dairy milk is a bone-building superfood, tomorrow it’s giving us cancer. Don’t get lost in the hype!

'Healthy' means something different for each of us. But, knowledge gives you the power to see past the hype and decide what's healthy for YOU! In our Healthy Staples course, you'll learn how to choose healthier kitchen essentials, like:

  • Flour–What's the difference between white and wheat? What about 'white whole wheat?'
  • Bread–Is multi-grain better than whole grain? What about sprouted grain, or grain-free?
  • Pasta–Are there whole-grain options besides whole wheat? Is vegetable pasta healthy?
  • Oats–Are rolled oats healthier than instant? What about steel-cut?
  • Oils–Which oils are the healthiest for cooking? Which oils should you avoid?
  • Milks–Is skim better than whole? Are non-dairy milks healthier than dairy?

Plus, you'll learn exactly what to look for on nutrition labels at the grocery store, so you're never fooled by deceiving health claims again. This course is NOT here to tell you what to eat, or what not to eat-there is no single, 'right' way to be healthy. Instead, each lesson breaks down the differences between your options, giving you the power to choose what's right for YOU and your body. Don't trust flashy health claims or the scary headlines on the internet! With the help of our Healthy Staples course, you can learn to make informed decisions and trust yourself.

Your Instructor

Alyssia Sheikh
Alyssia Sheikh
Hi there! My name is Alyssia and I LOVE food. For the past 7 years or so, I’ve been on a journey to find my healthiest, happiest self. But, let’s be real—being healthy can be HARD! Know that you are not alone, and that change is possible. I sincerely believe that knowledge is POWER—especially when it comes to our own health. And I’ve become passionate about sharing what I’ve learned (and what I’m STILL learning) with others. Whether it’s through my YouTube channel, Mind Over Munch, or educational courses like you’ll find here, my sincere hope is to help YOU find the spark that will ignite healthy change in your own life!

Back when my own journey first began, I was a pretty typical college student and didn’t know ANYTHING about cooking. I ate out a lot, cooked mostly pasta, and relied on processed snacks and convenience foods without ever questioning what I was putting in my body. But, when I started meal prepping, it was like this light bulb turned on in my head. It led to some major changes in my body and overall health, but I also saw that meal prep was easier than I’d expected, it saved me money, and it changed the way that I thought about food. I’ve tried counting calories, tracking macros, and all sorts of different lifestyles, but now I’ve come to think about food as FUEL for my body—and I want to give my body fuel that it appreciates!

There have been SO many ups and downs on my own journey—from learning how to cook for myself, to learning as much as I can about nutrition and wellness, and eventually mastering the art of meal prep. But, it has changed my life for the better, and I’m still learning and evolving every day. I don’t have all of the answers, and I don’t believe there’s a single, ‘right’ way to be healthy. But, the tools and knowledge you’ll gain from these courses will help you make better, more informed decisions about what’s right for YOU. Whether you want to learn how to choose healthy foods, how to become a Meal Prep Master, or how to take better care of your body, you’re in the right place!

Objective, Not Prescriptive
Many of the health and nutrition resources available today focus on a specific lifestyle, prescribe one diet as the 'healthiest,' or make recommendations based on opinion. Our Healthy Staples course offers objective information and facts, empowering you to make the best decisions for your health and body.

This course dives into each healthy staple, exploring not just the most common options that you'll find in the store, but also many of the lesser-known options that are available to you. You'll learn specific information about those options, including their nutrition, health benefits, and potential concerns. And, each lesson explains crucial concepts that will deepen your understanding of health and nutrition as a whole-like the difference between whole and refined grains, what happens when an oil reaches its smoke point, and how milk is processed before it gets to the grocery store.

We are all different, and this course recognizes that there are many interpretations of what can be 'healthy.' Each lesson covers the wide breadth of options for that particular healthy staple, and makes recommendations catered to the many possible lifestyle choices. You'll learn information that's useful to your life-whether you're vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or if you don't follow any kind of specific lifestyle.

Practical Guidance
All of the concepts in this course are taught alongside practical steps that you can take to make healthier choices in your life. You will learn the key words on different nutrition labels that indicate a healthier option, as well as the red flags that indicate a less-than-healthy option. After every lesson, you will be armed with the information you need to walk into the grocery store and make your healthiest choice.

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